Life Lessons and Other Random Foolishness – Part Deux

You know, it’s not always easy to tell the truth especially when the truth is ugly.   Because unlike the vision impaired bartender from Part 1, we don’t like ugly. That’s who we are as a country today.  Denial, emotion, avoidance?  Sure, but not ugly.  But that bartender has converted me, I now prefer the ugly truth.  The ugly truth is that unless we stop allowing politicians to bastardize our democratic process through manipulation and fear, America will not be restored to greatness.  Now, that’s ugly because we all want hope and change.  We’re so addicted to feeling better in the present, we are jeopardizing the potential to actually be better in the future.  As the 2012 presidential campaign starts to heat up, we’re gonna hear a lot of lies meant to distract us from the truth.

The biggest lie ever?  The other party is the problem.

Y’know, I never understood the concept of primaries.  Folks from the same party get together in a dogfight to eat each others young and compete for the party’s nomination.  But bloodied and bruised, the top dog has been reduced by his own party to the one remaining attribute that they suddenly and miraculously agree qualifies him to lead the country:  NOT being the incumbent.  I mean all his shit sucks but at least he (pointing at Romney) ain’t HIM (pointing at Obama.)  Now I’m supposed to be confident that mofo can run the country when his own boys have just turned on him like a pack of cannibalistic savages?

So no, the other party is not the problem.  Your own party is the problem.

The other party is simply here to oppose YOUR ass which is what the hell they are supposed to do.  This country first came to greatness by harnessing the power of dissension to drive out the best idea.  In other words, that other party is here to keep your ass in check so your own crazy ideas don’t run amok all willy nilly and unfettered.  So let’s, for one moment, stop worrying about them and what they’re doing.   Let’s focus on the candidates and what we personally believe about them as individuals.  What does Barack Obama look like to you if you didn’t look at him through the lens of one party or the other?  What would you think of Mitt Romney if you didn’t know he was a Republican?

I mean do you really in your heart of hearts believe that Obama is secret Muslim Black Panther Socialist?  C’MON!! That’s a lot of clubs to belong to…the membership dues alone would render it unlikely.  Doesn’t he truly just seem like an intelligent, decent man who didn’t know what he was getting into but is drinking milk and getting stronger with experience?

Are you just buying into media hype and political mudslinging or do you truly in your heart of hearts think that Mitt Romney doesn’t care about jobs?  Won’t each of his wives have to get jobs if he’s reduced to a government salary?  How could he not care?

Ok, at this point, I’ll concede that it’s hard to master an effective segue after the second shot of tequila so let’s just finish Part 3 tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Life Lessons and Other Random Foolishness – Part Deux

  1. Thank you! I so enjoy random foolishness. And the bit you have displayed here is particularly interesting.

    You are spot on with your assessment of the two dominant parties in America. The biggest problem (but not the only one) I see with the American Political System is the limitation for viable political identification. To believe two parties could effectively address the wants and needs of 300 million is ridiculous.

    If I had my druthers, a system of proportional representation would be introduced. In this fantasy land multiple parties would have a voice and some political influence. Now this would introduce some uncomfortable ideas and provide credibility for positions that many would find deplorable. However, a shift to increase possible party identification would lay the groundwork for a much more representative democracy. Change is difficult to accept, especially with it comes to political traditions. So…be prepared to endure a two party system, two year political campaigns, and more finger pointing/mudslinging.

    Please continue with the bouts of randomness and those encounters with Jose Cuervo, Patron or any agave plant derivation you so choose.

    • Thanks for the comment, Chris. I totally agree that at this point, our politics are more about tradition than democracy but I believe change is possible. Otherwise, Congress would sitting around in powdered white wigs! lol, holding out for hope, man!

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