One Bad Apple Can Completely Make My Day!

Ladies and gentlemen…I received my very first hate mail today complete with the N-word and everything!!!!!   That’s right…the sender of this email said I was huge NARCISSIST (and an a-hole, which in all fairness, I have freely admitted to on more than one occasion) and challenged me to have even one thought or write even one post where I did not place myself squarely at the center of the universe.  (They also challenged me to drop dead but we’ll leave that one alone for now…I hope)

Not one to pass on a challenge (with, of course, the one exception) — please see my completely selfless post below:




(deafening sound of silence)

Ok, I’ll admit it…I got nothin’.

Sure, I’m not one to pass on a challenge but neither am I one to pass on the opportunity to annoy the hell outta someone who says hateful things to another person because of her OPINION.  (Hmmm, maybe Mom was right, maybe I am kind of an a-hole.)


8 thoughts on “One Bad Apple Can Completely Make My Day!

  1. gee
    i always thought your main talent was minding everybody else’s business.
    obviously there are kym dimensions i’ve never noticed.
    ‘sides that, all this time i’ve taken the a-hole schtick as a stylistic device.
    so much my talent for lit crit.

    • Well….technically, my MAIN talent is exotic bird calling but I’d now like to use my powers for good instead of evil.

      In any event, I cannot WAIT to tell the next person who calls me an a-hole not to worry, that it’s just a stylistic device! That would almost be like proving their point, no?

  2. It’s YOUR blog to talk about whatever YOU want in whatever way YOU feel YOU should. Bump the haters! Do YOU!!! I personally am a big fan of your narcissitic rants, so keep ’em coming.

  3. They don’t like you, but they read your posts? Here is an idea, they should just take their bad attitude, racial bias and worthless opinions straight to the dump.


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