My Open, Dear John McCain Letter to the New GOP

I read some of the conservative blogs out there and I’m embarrassed by the increasingly racist rhetoric in the voice of the GOP.  The conservative blogosphere seems to be intent on demonizing President Obama and other minorities in the Demoncratic party (Oops, typo — my bad) as well as galvanizing our ever-present and growing contingency of nutballs into some sort of racially induced frenzy.

For 20 years, my stance has been that while the GOP has no particular affinity for minorities, for the most part, they are not intentionally pushing policies that prohibit us from defining and reaching our own success.   That works for me.  I don’t need a whole buncha uptight crazies inviting me to their table.  Especially since that table is probably in an isolated bunker somewhere in Montana.

The fact is, new GOP, you are not doing enough to ensure the very principles upon which you are founded are preserved.  You’ve been absolutely impotent for the past three plus years because you’re still too angry about who came to dinner.  Instead of channeling that anger into a sound conservative alternative that doesn’t require that I join you in the bunker, you’re acting like a bunch of bitches. And blind bitches, at that.

As carelessly as folks in the new GOP use the President’s race to overtly or covertly attack him, you continue to deny that racism exists in the ’12.   Without seeing the obvious effects of institutionalized racism, then you must really believe that we black and brown minorities are just shiftless, lazy layabouts who make babies out of wedlock, are not educable and commit crimes because we like the food in jail.  (I say black and brown minorities because Asians seem to be ok with you.  But, of course, who doesn’t love a cute, obedient, pocket-sized Oriental! Especially now that Coach makes those cool carriers.)

See, racism creates institutions that are designed to disenfranchise entire groups of people, move the prize out of their reach and then make it look like they’re at fault.  Racism also makes that disenfranchised group believe that they have no ability to jump up to reach that prize.   You get the second part…but I don’t think you get the first part.

I can see why.  Most of the minorities in your circle are afraid to speak out about the first part.   But telling half the story is no better than telling a lie.

Or maybe those inner circle minorities were just lucky enough to be largely unaffected by the first part.   For instance, I don’t believe there is anything my black ass cannot do once I set my mind to it.  Period.   You and your racist institutions couldn’t stop me if you tried.  And I dare you to try…cuz I haven’t doled out a good solid ass whoopin’ since….well, never…you know I can’t fight.  But that’s not my point – my point is that racism can’t affect me personally because I don’t allow it to.  Close the door? I’m coming in the window. (Unless said window is in Sanford, FL…)

Listen, just because you can’t see something or are not affected by something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Kinda like Newt Gingrich’s sex appeal…not evident to the casual observer but chicks are bangin’ him in droves so there’s at least circumstantial evidence to support it’s existence.

It does exist and as long as it affects anyone, then it must affect me also.  (Racism, not Newt’s alleged sexy)  Wrong is wrong.

So, I think we need to be apart for a while, my dearest GOP;  perhaps some distance will give us both the perspective that we need.  Perhaps I’m a bit sensitive from seeing my brothers and sisters gunned down in the streets lately with no consequence.  Or maybe I’m just a bitch.

All I know, is that this time around, I won’t be at the party.   You will have to earn my love and my vote…and if the last three years have been an indication, it ain’t looking good.

*sigh*  it’s the end of an era…Uncle Gipper would be so ashamed.


Kimchi and Collard Greens

Ps – Don’t worry….I won’t be getting in bed with your equally impotent but whinier rival to spite you. I couldn’t stomach that.


3 thoughts on “My Open, Dear John McCain Letter to the New GOP

  1. Some reference links to some blogs you suggest are racist would be helpful. What overt attack by the GOP against Obama’s “white black” race do you speak of? And are you implying Democratic policies of undermining black and brown families and creating a spiraling cycle of dependency and dis-empowerment are a better alternative?

    Prejudice will always exist in one way or another. It’s an unfortunate result of the survival instinct within our feeble human minds. If we were all the same color, we’d come up with some other dumb reason. All we can do is try to evolve through communication and interaction, which has become pretty hard to do over the last politically correct twenty years.

    Impotent? I don’t know about that. They’ve sure stopped more unsustainable policies from being forced upon us. They’ve also passed many a bill in the house, especially economic bills, that must be so good Harry won’t even let them get voted on. I guess he’s too busy working on that elusive budget. Yet it’s the GOP that’s “do nothing”. Surrrre.

    I’d still agree with “you are not doing enough to ensure the very principles upon which you are founded are preserved.” That’s the real issue. If the GOP (and Tea Partiers) believed in what they SAY they believe in, Ron Paul would have had a lot more votes. (Or did he? Hmmm.) Blind stamping the Patriot Act again and again and most recently the NDAA are enough of a reason for me. As Mr. Lane’s recent post highlights, we continually see organizations — GOP, DNC, NOW, NAACP, etc. — become more concerned with their self-preservation and related power than following through on their actual principles.

    This is likely the main reason the GOP doesn’t do more. They’re generally afraid to even mention race, because they know they ultimately can’t win if they will always be shaded .. no pun intended .. in a negative light. Or they really just don’t know how anymore. Which is why I can’t (yet) be a Republican in allegiance.

    Or is it all akin to a professional wrestling match. Pretend you hate each other in the ring with each playing their role and then go grab beers together so you can count the ticket receipts together. If we really look at what’s gone on in the last twenty years especially, this seems far more likely. Divide and distract while you rob and encroach.

    There is only one possible solution. Stop expecting the “limited” Federal Government to be responsible for making your life “better” then starve the shit out of it. Cut the size of government by 10% each of the next five years. Pay off the debt. Two-Term limits for Senators and Congressmen. Establish a two tiered Flat tax, every body pays to remove the core tool of political cronyism and ensure everyone has a personal interest in an effective government. Require everyone to WRITE their tax check once a month (manually submit electronically). Expire the Patriot Act and remove the offending clauses from the NDAA and accept the fact there are people that don’t like us. Stop using force to get into every other country’s business and just sell them stuff. Remove the regulatory burdens that protect the “big boys” from competition (everywhere). Require any law to be written BY our actual representatives with tracking of who suggested/wrote every sentence. Interpret the Commerce Clause correctly.

    Let’s start there and you’ll see the motivation and ability to purposely divide us shrink.

    Oh, and give me and you a talk show and we’ll talk about so called Race and every other “politically incorrect” topic plainly, respectfully and with proof of the obvious and equal potential merits of anyone willing to give a crap.

    • Wow, thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts. Great comment, lots of things to think about.

      First, let me say that my assessment is based on my review of blogs here and there. There are some blogs that I think are quite racist and incendiary – Michele Malkin, Breitbart are two examples — and some conservative bloggers that I actually think are quite insightful and build sound arguments — Charles Krauthammer is one that comes immediately to mind. Now, I’m sure we could go back and forth with examples to support or refute that point but not sure that would be productive.

      To get to your most important question – do I believe Democrats are better? Absolutely not. In fact, I kept them out of this post because I didn’t want to decry the GOP and inadvertently endorse the Dems cuz they suck worse.

      Now as far as racism (which, BTW, is different than prejudice) we’ll have to disagree. The problem is not political correctness, its respect. Not the kind of respect that comes from deference, but rather the kind of respect that is a natural reflection of what we value. When young black boys are gunned down in the street without consequence, it tells me that either youth or blacks are not valued. And I think Chris Hansen will tell you…youth ain’t the problem. If a young white boy was gunned down the same way, I believe the outcome would have been different…unless, of course, he was gay.

      You list some great reasons as to why the GOP wasn’t able to be more solution oriented but those are excuses. I won’t accept them from Obama and I won’t accept from the GOP. Scared to speak out, busy blocking shots…in the meantime, Americans are suffering.

      All that said, I love your analogy of the wrestling match. I think that about sums up the whole thing for me, LOL!!! Let’s combine it with your talk show idea and make our guests with opposing viewpoints fight it out while WE count the receipts.

    Not completely on topic but yes it is: In my wanderings I stumbled upon this interesting spot and I’m wondering what our neighbors think of this. Yo, is this racist?
    More on topic, I’ve made this comment before, wondering why conservatives (or Republicans, which might be the same thing) insist on sounding so stupid sometimes. Every time a Limbaugh or a Beck spouts off a ridiculous outrage, everybody on the (moderate) right has to scramble to contain the damage and it never quite gets contained. We get branded with the unreason of our own. As the above article shows, there is a whole litany of stupid stuff people say. Eventually, if it forms an ugly pattern, it’s our own fault. It becomes difficult to defend good conservative principles when some conservatives have bad principles. This happens on the left too, of course, but if conservatives want to be the party of reason, thus more persuasive than the opposition, they should quit saying stupid stuff .

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