Something Akin To Madness

Listen, don’t be mad at Akin. He’s just the one who is dumb enough to say it out loud. In this country, unless a victim is lily white and adequately demure, we’ve always suspected her of wanting it — in essence, “delegitimizing” rape. God forbid you are a minority, a powerful woman or just plain sexy. A little dick is probably all you need to mellow you out.

Fortunately for us, that’s just what most men have….*ahem*

A little humor (very little) to counterbalance the angst I feel when I realize that I live in a country where it is still okay to violate me physically (What?  You didn’t know I’m sexy?) …unless we are on the cusp of a presidential campaign.  In that case, you could practically suffocate in all the fake outrage.

Please!  Give me a break!


4 thoughts on “Something Akin To Madness

  1. Thanks for this, I guess. As as man, I am offended by Akin, because it’s a continuation of the attacks on women and women of color that go back to the culture of dependency and poverty days of the 1960s and 1970s, not to mention an absolute ignorance in biology. As a Black male, I’m more offended because I know all too well that rape is not strictly speaking always a problem for women, that men are raped too, that young boys and girls are scarred for life, and then blamed for their own circumstance by idiots like Akin. But let’s face it, there are men (and women) in this country who simply don’t know and don’t care, and want people who look like us to be quiet and know our place in their world.

    • Agreed, decollins1969. There’s some education needed. At it’s core, the act of rape is an animalistic power play, much like chimpanzees mounting each other in the wild to show dominance. I guess we are not as evolved as we’d like to think.

  2. You were Akin for a good pun, weren’t you? I’m glad you couldn’t resist.
    Once again I wonder why conservatives must sound so stupid. One would think a conservative personality — averse to excessive risk, I presume — would check a fact before making a statement about it. Another failure to put the brain in gear before driving the tongue. Of course that happens every day in ordinary conversation. But in this case, the speaker is a member of the House Committee for Science, Space and Technology yet his remarks indicate a deficiency in understanding a scientific fact. If he won’t consult the facts before he runs his mouth, will he consult them before voting? Brainiacs like this make conservativism look ugly.

    • Yes!! You know I couldn’t resist!

      The only thing I can think of is that perhaps the conservative party is seeking the “stupid” vote.

      How can you otherwise explain a grown ass man thinking that a woman’s body could simply will itself to counteract a biological force? Everyone KNOWS that a woman must jog in place for 30 minutes in order to truly counteract it.

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