Pee Diddy For President!

In an interview on the Today Show for Education Nation this morning, an interviewer asked Romney if he felt all Americans were entitled to the same $38,000 per year education that Romney himself received.

I’m disgusted by that question…that question and mayonnaise (but we’ll talk about that another day.)

Sometimes, we need to say some ugly things to clear the air.  So, I’ma go ahead and say it.

No, you are not entitled to a $38,000/yr education.  Romney received one because his parents had stacks.  Rich people get more stuff.  And that’s the truth, Ruth.

Let’s deal with the fact that as we watch more and more of our fellow Americans, family members and sometimes even ourselves slip out of the middle class – which in this country can just mean you can’t afford premium cable and Coach covers for your iPad – we are becoming more and more resentful of the wealthy.

Are we coming to believe that the wealthy are somehow obligated to share their wealth with those less fortunate?

Let me start by saying, I get it.  Excess can be vulgar in the face of suffering and need.  So, when we see Mitty and Kitty Romney with their Zegna suits and Hermes luggage, the injustice of it all can be a bitter pill.

But, I’m curious…why aren’t we mad at ‘Ye and Bey?

They do the same shit.  Those mofos are ballin’ outta control.  Yet, no one mentions their excess or even seems bothered by it at all.

When you think about it, Mitt is worth $248 million dollars so getting his ride-or-die chick (and you gotta admit, Kitty goes hard in the paint for her boo!)  a $20K handbag is not excessive.  Were we mad when Kim Porter tweeted a pic of her arm with not one, but two, Rolex watches on?  It ain’t trickin’ if you got it, right?

Now, one could make the point that Pee Diddy ain’t running for President (there is a God) so who cares if he’s out of touch.  And I would agree that Romney will never understand the day to day experience of people who are struggling against an economic force that has essentially put financial stability out of their reach.

But for me, the jury is still out on whether or not that affects Romney’s ability to lead us back to our vision – a restored America.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Romney supporter.  Neither, do I support Obama.  I’m still undecided.  Hell, I’m not even scheduled to make a decision for another four weeks.  Not scheduled to write about it for another three.  Not scheduled to think about for another two.  Not even scheduled to research for another one.

I’d just like to see both candidates assessed by facts and policy, not emotions and stupid questions.


2 thoughts on “Pee Diddy For President!

  1. Dearest K and CG,
    I ‘m willing to wager that your vision of a restored America is not the same as MItt’s and if he cant understand the “common” folk – how could he ever lead the common folk.
    Ps. I know a lot folk who bark and bark plenty about the flossin’ done by the likes of Jay, ‘Ye, Bey and all the rest. #kidnaparapper

    • Thanks for the comment, Struggle and Shine. I would venture a guess that you are right….Romney and I probably do not have the same vision for a restored America. But neither, my friend, do Obama and I. Which is closer? Methinks Magic Mitts would be the winner there…

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