Romney’s Lecture To America

We’ve seen this happen a million times before and we will see it happen again.

Obama’s camp confused not likeable with not smart.  Essentially, they underestimated their opponent. 

Magic Mitts came out swinging, freshly nipped and tucked, relaxed and knowledgeable.  He stunned Obama with his first blow.  And while Obama got some good shots in (“big bold idea is never mind?”) last night we saw our Joe Cool President thrown off his game by an opponent who truthfully went into the debates as an underdog. 

Now, this is the first I’ve heard of a $248 million holding, 2 Ivy League degree having, former CEO being underdog.  But let’s just use that word for now.

This was a missed opportunity – a golden one, at that.  Obama needed to close the deal.  He needed to speak to unfinished business and plans that are half laid.  He needed to convince us that a new President would have to start over.  Cuz the one thing we don’t want is to start over.  It’s too painful.

Romney on the other hand had an easier goal – he needed to prove he is not a buffoon. 

Two men came in with a goal, only one man accomplished his mission.

Clearly, Romney won the debate.  It was obvious after the first question.  The first 30-minute question that the moderator was completely unable to contain…along with the rest of the debate.

But it ain’t over.

Let’s not forget, debates and rhetoric are Obama’s bailiwick.

Obama was on the defensive for most of the night.  Expect to see more aggression from him in the next debate.  Expect him to speak to the 47%.  Get used to that number because Obama’s camp will be repeating it ad nauseum.  He will have to fight a little dirtier because while he’s remaining above it all, Romney will swoop in and win over the undecideds.   He certainly got my attention last night.  Hell, he even looked better than Obama!

OMG, did I just SAY that?

(Side Note:  Has anyone awakened Jim Lehrer yet and told him it’s over and he can go home now? #worstmoderatorever)


6 thoughts on “Romney’s Lecture To America

  1. Bravo… The President should have taken the position that noone had ever heard of hiim or his opponent and laid the LAW on him with an O.J. like time line…He’s got my vote still but those that were on the fence and jumped can may be pursuaded to hop and or leap again….Ding ding..come out fighting POTUS..

    • I agree, Mr. Lawrence, I’d like to hear from the Prez himself about what’s worked and what’s next. I didn’t learn anything new. That man is too intelligent to be waffling through debates. I’m looking forward to hearing these candidates challenge each other on policy, not toss meaningless numbers back and forth. (Which by the way is a dangerous game to play against a former CEO. They live and breathe this stuff.)

  2. Barack has been busy running the country to prepare for a Mitt Romney who was suddenly a man with different positions than what he had been running on for the last 18 months.
    Yet he (MR) still could not name a single thing he would cut to pay for his tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires except Big Bird.

  3. There IS a tax break for shipping jobs overseas…
    I would hope the POTUS would quote the actual tax code by number in the next debate and call him out on the rest of his lies and exaggerations.
    …and I hear Big Bird and crew are royally pissed..

    • Thanks for the comment, Anthony. I ain’t mad at Mitt. Big Bird n’em are making crazy bank off of endorsements! Why should they continue to get public assistance? Who do you think gets paid when we buy all these damn Tickle Me Elmos? That little mofo is giggling all the way to the bank.

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