Merry Christmas, KCG Family!!!!

If there was ever a time when the world needed a savior, it is now.

Just look around you.  Wars, rumors of wars, fallen governments, political corruption, unconscionable attacks on innocent world citizens, nuclear proliferation and whatever the hell Katt Williams is going through – all just symptoms of a civilization in need of healing, of saving, of love.


That was my Christmas wish for a beleaguered world last year.  Apparently, there’s something to this naughty or nice stuff because my wish did not come true.  So, I’m going to repeat the wish and try harder to be good this year.  I’ve cancelled my trip to Cancun.  I’m going to let the prepubescent barista at Starbucks continue to call my grown ass “honey” without calling her anything in return. I’m going to stop pinching outta control kids like SuperNegroNanny when no one is looking.  I’m going to stop suggesting the bus as I start my car when the little old church ladies need a ride to the market.  And then maybe, my wish will come true and we can return from chaos to the business of connected and purposeful living.  Maybe.

In the meantime…Merry Christmas, KCG family!   May the spirits of love and redemption permeate every aspect of your relationships today.  For there was no greater Love than that which was given to redeem a lost and fallen world and that, my friends, is one helluva gift.


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