In The Beginning, There Was…Um…Uh…What The Hell IS This?

Our own beliefs can be strong intoxicants and I, my friend, am a cheap date.  All I needed was a couple shots of conviction and an internet chaser and before I knew it, the stream of consciousness in my head was loosely organized and presented to you in black and white.   And Kimchi And Collard Greens was born.

But when my buzz died down (wow, this broad can beat a metaphor to death, can’t she?) and I was left with the posts, I didn’t always like what I read.  In fact, as shit played out, I sometimes found myself disagreeing with myself.  And that conflict was difficult to manage because, my treatment of the above metaphor notwithstanding, you know I can’t fight.

As the posts piled up, I discovered two of my major belief systems have evolved since I started this blog and if I don’t explain the changes to you, I’m gonna sound good ‘n crazy going forward.  (Wasn’t that a candy bar back in the day?)

So here goes…

The first change was in politics.  After over twenty years in bed with the Republican Party, I am saddened to have recently conceded that they’re just not that in to me.  So, I am officially out, the paperwork process is underway. Politically, I’d like to put my support behind an organization that’s hot in the pants for me.  And if there are two things that don’t mix, it’s Republicans and hot pants.  Even with that visual, it was a hard decision to make because I have and will always have a heart that beats for conservatism (again, except for the slavery part.)  Not to mention, everybody knows I love Colin Powell like he birthed me himself.

The second change was in religion.  While I still believe religion is great, I think the vast majority of practitioners miss the point altogether.  As such, I am less inclined to give religion the “favored nation” status it once enjoyed in these posts.  I want to write more about that but I’d prefer not to be killed.  Y’all know how folks get in the name of religion.  Between that and asking what the hell happened to Ron Brown every now and again, I’m liable to get myself shot.

There you have it – two changes – not a Republican anymore; less sympathetic to religion.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, we’ve got some issues to discuss.  Please refrain from sending me lithium when you see the new posts.


19 thoughts on “In The Beginning, There Was…Um…Uh…What The Hell IS This?

  1. I love the way you write and portray your feeling in your words and I thought I was the only one thinking about Ron Brown.

  2. I’m not jumping off the bandwagon and breaking an ankle, I’m hanging in there with Kimchiandcollardgreens……..even if the chef of this blog is cutting back on salting the greens lol

  3. My dad was Republican until he turned 81 years old – he just couldn’t NOT vote for President Obama being a Black man who grew up in the south and knowing what he knew…Point is…that was his moment and this is yours.. The GOP’s loss is hopefully a gain for Independants….maybe even the Dems if we continue to act right! One can hope.

    • Holli, I was in the same boat as your dad for both elections even as angry as I was at the Dems (and the second time, at Obama) — I couldn’t NOT vote for him. It was too important. It helped that Romney was the other guy on the ticket…

  4. OK babe … here it is.
    1) I think the Republicans let me down. I have always considered myself a conservative, but I am “left of the party.” I’m not willing to go as far as you have, saying I’m not a Republican. But you did not say you’re not conservative, so I forgive you. In the old days we would say politely, “she’s a liberal Republlican” and smile all the way to the bank, with visions of sugarplums and Rockefeller dancing in our heads. (Note: he was never actually nominated for Prez by the Republicans, although he served as VP, appointed by the only unelected Prez, Gerald Ford).
    Bit I’ve also had a shot or two of Kirin and Dewars (don’t try that!!!) tonight and I say the Republican Party has let me down. I am “live and let live” on many social issues (on abortion, gay marriage and embryo research, for instance) and I favor every form of equality including
    give the immigrants a chance. I believe in FREEDOM (viz: Ron Paul) and I believe that banning books (and editing textbooks to a policical agenda) is corruption incarnate. NO MORE!!! Stop!
    So I, like you, have been a bit miffed in the past few elections with the paleo-centric GOP. Little known: I vote in Florida. As I was filling out the ballot this year, which (after the national and Senate/House elections) was full of State Politics in the form of “Do you want this amendment to the State Constitition or not,” I remarked to myself as I checked off the boxes “gee, I must be more liberal than I thought” as I voted against the
    Republican hi-jacking of the State Supreme Court (rejecting a recall of liberal justices already on the bench). I think it’s a conservative principle that you don’t mess with the Constitution (even a State constitution) unless it’s a 1000-year issue (like slavery) and I did not like the idea that one party might set the agenda in a sitting judiciary henceforth by fiat (aka Thou shalt not, during a Republican Administration, give forth Liberal opinions). And on the national stage, I was not entirely displeased with a President who (despite totally unacceptable Socialist tendencies) found it necessary to speak regularly to Congress: Just Get It Done, Dammit … ENOUGH ,,, The Party of No doesn’t cut it.

    I voted for Romney, but I really did not like his stance on women’s issues and his totally patrician take on the “underclass” — ie, ordinary people. We have social programs to give people a leg up, when they deserve it and even Reagan emphasized “there will be a social safety net” — but I never heard a thing favorable to the poor and downtrodden, so why would I expect any better from this Prez for the middle class? As one wag put it, for Romney, “life begins at $250,000.” I had a feeling, after losing my 401K to Wall Street, I was gonna get steamrolled by the bus out of New Orleans, post-deluvia.
    But I voted for him because Obama is a socialist and he supports World Gov, so he’ll never get my vote. Other than that, I was shocked by how out-of-touch with me the GOP has become.
    Time for some re-evaluation — not on my part, but the party’s.
    So gimme your best shot, miss. I may not agree with everything, but I’m on your page. =)
    (Please forgive any typos. I really did put Dewars in two Ichiban Kirins tonite LOL) …

    You go girl!!!

    • So, first of all…there is no way I’m NOT trying Kirin and Dewars so let’s give up that dream.

      At some point, being a Republican started to feel like being trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship…or at the very least, in a relationship with someone who was really, REALLY taking me for granted. And it didn’t help that I was kinda bi-polar through it all.

      My primary concern was I didn’t think I was gonna be able to keep those mofos outta my plumbing. While I oppose federal funding for elective abortions and forcing companies to pay for birth control, I certainly believed that each woman was entitled to make her own decisions regarding her own body. As long as she could pay for it. Unless, of course, she was legitimately raped — then I’d be willing to make an exception. Y’know, it’s not that I really think they had a shot in hell of overturning anything but it really chapped my ass to even have the conversation about a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body in this day and age. It opens the door to stupid thinking and stupider comments e.g. legitimate rape.

      My secondary concern is the party’s position on immigration. I am an immigrant. The first Americans were immigrants! The country was built on the backs and with the blood, sweat and tears of Africans! Thanks to Asians, unprecedented numbers Americans had long silky hair and wonderfully groomed toes. And who can forget the latino population who literally created a sub-economy of cheap labor that makes American cities affordable for its citizens. They embody the American dream. But now it’s a problem? Puh-lease! Deport DEEZ…

      Finally, I just didn’t like those bastards. They said dumb shit, they did dumb shit…and would it kill ’em to use a little spray tan every now and again? And for all of their clucking and squawking about Obamacare and other liberal agendas, other than ruffle a few feathers — nothing really came of all that noise. Halfway through the last campaign, it occurred to me that Romney had too much contempt for the common American man to win this election. Frankly, I think he figured that out at the same time and just said, “Eff it!” He just believed we were too stupid to know.

      All that said, there’s no way I’m liberal. I will never subscribe to the belief that the Constitution is just a series of outdated recommendations and that the government is a sugar daddy.

      And, I’m with you, there’s no way I’m going to tolerate anything remotely socialist…even that gorgeous man whom I love even though I yelled his name way louder than Al Roker and he never even looked my way. Socialism would be the death knell of an economy that is already reeling from death of two of it’s first loves – innovation and personal responsibility. I’m not yet convinced he’s a socialist but I sho’ do believe he’s got some ‘splainin to do. I voted for him (2x’s) because as a black(ish) woman in America, there were deeper things for me to consider than economics. Although I’m all about bootstraps, there are some disparities in the foundation that I realized the Republicans were never going to address unless they are forced.

      That said, I’ll miss the Grand Old Party. I hope they get their shit together because I can be wooed back. Although this time, I’ll be a little harder to get in bed. (What a tramp!)

      • What’s going to get the GOP off their duffs & consider change is when they hear the cry from afar getting louder & louder………………once they realize who it is, it’ll be too late………It’s the GDI’s aka God Damn Independents!!!

      • Well there ya go, I’m on the same page about the GOP saying stupid stuff. I’ve even made that comment here before: why do conservatives insist on sounding so fracking dumb? My watershed moment in the Republican primaries was the attention Santorum got. The rest of them had already gone down in flames — Newt, Michelle, Texas Rick, the Godfather Pizza guy (all of them missing the mark on economics) — and here comes the social conservative with the anti-vaginal agenda, and he’s getting votes in the primaries! OMG! I thought we settled that stuff a long time ago: Freedom means I (and you) get to choose whatever</b concerning our lifestyles, our sexstyles (sextiles?) our politics, our religions, our brands of gun, our political persuasion, our means of expression, what we read, what we check out at the library and video stores, and where we hang out for kicks as long as we’re not hurting anybody. I draw the line at government subsidizing any of that, but that’s not what the Repulicans have been saying. They’ve been saying that when Wall Street loses 90% of your 401K, that’s legitimate rape. But if you get pregnant, it should be illegal to do anything about it. (OK, mixed metaphors, but you get the drift…) Priorities all mixed up. And it continues today. Who has a right to a weapon of mass destruction, such as an AR-15 or an AK-47? Maybe we all do — but not without a valid ID and a personality check!
        My grandparents were immigrants but they entered “legally” — our problem is, we don’t have a way to accept people legally, so they come in any other way they can. Every immigrant group has faced discrimination from the people already here, but they were still allowed to come in, while our present-day form of discrimination is to forbid 90% of the people who want to come here, and post armed guards on the border to make sure it stays that way. Land of opportunity — isn’t that supposed to be our creed? Liberal OR conservative — that’s the American creed. What happened to that? A: discrimination politics, pure and simple. Conservatives, get over it! Give ’em a break! Anyone who wants a better life should be able to come here, as long as it’s not a better criminal life.
        And more … everything you said, in fact. I’ll never be a Democrat, but I’ll certainly not stand for partisan ninnies with their heads up their keisters the way we’ve seen.
        And this on Romney: absolutely no understanding of what “Middle Class” actually means — historically or practically. I borrowed from my parents everything they could provide to send me to college — and that was a typewriter and a ticket to Columbia MO. Unfortunately my dad was not a former governor of Michigan or anywhere else, so I had to make do. Well, DUH.

      • I like to see our gov’t institute a window for all illegal immigrants to come forth and get working ss#’s…..amnesty for a lack of a better word. I sure there is a huge percentage of businesses that would go under since “under the table” payment for services rendered wouldn’t be as big of an option. The bright side, imagine the tax revenue that would come in for states & municipalities around the country.

  5. Its good to see that you are evolving Kymchi. I am a Dem, but I am closer to the middle than far off in Left Field. In fact, compared to how far right the GOP has gone, I am probably more of the way Republicans were 20 years ago. So welcome to the “somewhat middle”
    Look, the country has an extraordinary number of challenges and the GOP’s notion of ignoring them in favor of posturing to spite Obama is ludicrous and small minded. And blatantly obvious. Most of the president’s proposals were Republican ideas before Obama was president. Now suddenly they are “Super Liberal” and “Socialistic!” Really?? This whole propaganda campaign of Obama being a Socialist is just stupid. If he is a Socialist than Saint Reagan was a bloody Marxist! Does anyone remember what the tax rate was for the wealthy during Reagan’s administration? During the Reagan presidency the tax rate topped out at 69.13%. The top tax rate in 2010 was 35%. During this economic crisis only the wealthiest of us have gotten wealthier, while the other 98% have seen their income substantially reduced. Why not give the 98% a little relief so that EVERYONE can prosper and the economy can fully recover? The rich are not being punished and won’t even feel it. If THIS is Socialism, than so be it. What is the alternative? Republican ideology would lead to greater wealth for the 2% at the top, a continuing fast shrinking Middle Class and a growing number of those in poverty. And why all of this Republican talk of the need to cut social programs? Yes, I am all about balancing the budget, but why at the expense of the impoverished? Why is it always “hands off” the Defense budget? The waste alone in military spending constitutes what is spent on welfare. Not to mention that we spend more on the military than the combination of the next ten militarized countries combined. We could cut a small chunk out the that budget that is earmarked for defending us against countries that have been our allies since WWII. We maintain costly bases throughout the world that serve no strategic purpose.

    This country used to lead the world in manufacturing. With fossil fuels becoming so expensive and dangerous, why don’t we take the lead in developing and manufacturing Green and Renewable energy. Think of the manufacturing, research and ancillary jobs that could do wonders for our unemployment situation and economy. What about the infrastructure of this country that is 50 years behind in repairs, improvement and development? Think of the construction projects and jobs that could be created to get us back to the 21st century.

    What about investing in our poor ass education system that has declined to the point of almost no return, while other countries are blowing us out of the water in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)

    What about investing in medical research? Isn’t cancer, heart disease and AIDS a bit played out? Its time it all goes the way of Small Pox, don’t you think?

    How about we just let the CIA handle the world fanatics and bad actors and we spend less money and focus on wars in foreign countries, and spend more money at home making us the leader in all the areas I mentioned above. This is what Democrats talk about doing. Not starting wars or making women have vaginal probes.

    I get the idea of bootstraps and being self reliant. I get not becoming dependent on the benevolent government. I just want to be sure everyone gets the opportunity to get some boots in the first place. I’ve got mine, and I’m pulling them up hard as a muther!

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