Close…Pero No Cigarro

“As a party we need to grow bigger and…attract the Latino vote,” [Rand] Paul said in a recent Yahoo! article [click here]  “This is a very practical thing and I’m not ashamed to admit it. We need to attract the Latino vote, we need to attract the African-American vote. It is somewhat of a gateway issue and we have to change the way we are talking about it and who we are if we are going to attract the Latino vote.”

That’s what the man said.  He mentioned the Latino vote 3x’s in one statement.  Threw an af-am in there for good measure.

He’s trying but…you know they STILL don’t really want our black asses, right?  Make ’em earn it, y’all.  No pay, no play.

Truth is, we came out to vote in record numbers in the last two elections.  Show ’em that we’ll come out to keep his ass out as much as we came out to get Obama’s ass in.

That said, my money is still on my favorite little foul-mouth, Re-Run wannabe.  Christie for 2016.  Too bad our votes don’t count by the pound…



One thought on “Close…Pero No Cigarro

  1. “He’s trying but…you know they STILL don’t really want our black asses, right? Make ‘em earn it, y’all. No pay, no play.”…..why would he or any member of the GOP for that matter, when you do a cost benefit analysis, it doesn’t make any sense? “Our black asses” as you so eloquently put it have belonged – lock, stock, & barrel, regardless of merit, to the Democratic Party without them having to earn it. In addition, in our arrogance, we missed the memo that expand the demographics of the word minority to include anyone that was non-white. As such, we have been marginalized as a political force due to the mental & physically abusive relationship we have with the Dems (yes, blacks are the battered woman who keeps letting her man/Dems back in the house to keep whupping her ass w/out having to change or prove he’s changed). LOL – in DC, there are economic laws in place to benefit “minorities,” BUT they were written when that word meant blacks. Now when you drive by the 100s of construction sites around DC, majority of the workers are minority….just not black. Over the next decade, we will no longer be the largest minority group by significant numbers……Yo Hablo

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