Boyz In The Hoodies

It is becoming clear to me that we still live in a society where our boys must be taught how to survive an encounter with authorities that may irrationally hate or fear them. While we see our boys simply as boys; some folks see our boys themselves as deadly weapons. This very simple yet overwhelmingly complex observation means that there is no such thing to some folks as an unarmed black boy – not even your silly, giggly baby big-boy in college who still loves to cuddle with you and eat pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse when his friends aren’t around. We can protest this truism all day but we will be stepping over the dead bodies of our sons in order to do so.

Now, the truth is – we don’t yet know what really happened in that car. There is a possibility that the police officer did what he was supposed to do. Just because the young man was black and unarmed doesn’t necessarily mean that he didn’t pose a real, rather than perceived, threat and that the officer didn’t respond with the appropriate amount of force.

Like the rest of us, the overwhelming majority of police officers just want to go home at the end of their workday. Unlike the rest of us, they, on a daily basis, deal with an element that could prevent them from doing so.

So the flip side is that even in our outrage, we must also teach our children to respect. Respect our communities (c’mon…looting? sigh…) respect each other (Drake?  Chris Brown?  squash the beef…k?) respect the rules of fashion (no hoodies, please…) and please, in the name of all that is holy, respect authority.

If we don’t teach our own sons to respect authority – the police must…and will.

That’s all I got for now. I reserve further comment until the city, state and federal folks have finished their investigation. (Just outta curiousity…does anyone really believe I’ma be quiet until then?)


5 thoughts on “Boyz In The Hoodies

  1. First and foremost – we don’t think you’ll be quiet until then. Next you are absolutely correct in your assessment of the inherent dangers of being a black male (boy or man) within these United States of AmeriKKKa. Unfortunately we are contributors of, victims of, and observers of the very elements that justify the urban prison states we live within. This of course provides the very justification we so often hear/see in defense of the senseless acts of violence our overseers….my bad – police officers. Burning down the city in which you live is not the answer – go to shay whitey’s neighborhood and burn it down.


      • Interesting book review on NPR yesterday and the author talked about how the nation has become more polarized politically because we’re inoculated against the concerns of our “neighbors” because we’re surrounded by people like us; racially, financially, sports team, etc.

        When you burn you’re own neighborhood, the unaffected parties are very indifferent to your plight. However, when their ish gets burned down as well then we need to do a root cause analysis. For instance, DC Public Schools have been steadily improving because you now have a very focused interested party investigating the efficacy of the system……young, non-minority families who don’t want to pay private school tuition after they just dropped a grip on a small ass house. Zero tolerance in schools didn’t occur until shay whitey’s kids started shooting their classmates, even though this level of violence has been occurring in urban schools since the early ’80s.

  2. How true, just last weekend drove by a store and it had a sign in the window “Remove Hoodie before Entering”…….take heed my young brothers SMH

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