…And One More Thing About Ferguson! (Then I’m Back To Shutting Up)

Let’s be clear. Arresting the officer who killed Michael Brown is not justice. Sure, it’s a pound of flesh…but you gotta rip that flesh from an 800-kb gorilla.

There is no such thing as justice for the family of Michael Brown. Prosecuting the officer who shot him is a necessary but arguably punitive measure that may bring about satisfaction or a sense of fairness but should certainly not be mistaken for justice because justice presupposes a sense of moral rightness. And in a place like Ferguson, MO…that just ain’t gonna be possible for everybody just by arresting one trigger happy cop.

 The 1990 census reports that blacks made up 25% of the population of Ferguson. By 2010, just 30 years later, that demographic grew to 67%. Yet, all the powers-that-be in Ferguson remain white. The mayor’s white, the chief of police is white, six out of seven city council members are white (that other one is Latino,) 6 outta 7 school board members are white (the other one IS black…so make a wish!) and all but three members of 53-member police department are white.

The last time I saw that much white, I was at a snow-covered ski resort in Liechtenstein on a polar bear rug eating mayonnaise on Wonder Bread with the NFL Wives’ Club. Oh yeah…or apartheid. I also saw it in apartheid. [uncomfortable silence]

The cop in question is a pawn in an entire system that oppresses black folks in Ferguson. And black folks have been playing along. The power structure will try to close ranks around him but make no mistake, he is nothing but a speed bump on the road to pacifying a people who contribute the majority of the economic base yet do not exercise or have the ability to exercise  (the jury is still out…but the jury is prolly all white, too) a voice in how they are governed and who will govern them.

 Black folks in Ferguson, and many towns across America that look like Ferguson, have been living under this 800-lb gorilla for the last 30 years. And by “living with” I mean, “oppressed by.”  And truthfully, oppression is as a deadly as a gun.  Certainly, the criminal act of murder must be prosecuted and punished. But sitting that cop in jail and returning to business as usual is not justice.  Justice for the community of Ferguson requires an insistence by the people that they be governed and policed by qualified people who look like them AND have as an agenda the best interest of a diversified community.  Otherwise, that community risks becoming a killing field for anyone…ANYONE…who is feared or misunderstood.  Death by gunshot, death by missed opportunity, death by lack of resources, death by an unsuitable education.  (Damn…ok, that’s kinda dramatic…but I’ma leave it in cuz I kinda need this point made)

 Without this change at this point, there can simply never be justice for the people of Ferguson.

Got that, Al Sharpton?


6 thoughts on “…And One More Thing About Ferguson! (Then I’m Back To Shutting Up)

  1. History repeats itself because we’re insanely repeating the same things that led to that historical event. The issues that led to the riots of the ’60s were reported on in probably the most comprehensive and damaging report on race relations in this country’s history. However, none of the recommendations were EVER enacted and surprise, surprise – the Rodney King riots in LA revealed those issues still exist. Unfortunately, an assessment of Ferguson will reveal the same 800 pd gorilla that is the antagonist within those other reports BUT also his siblings: poverty, piss poor education, non existent jobs, etc.

    Unless, Barry gets a spine and finally in a very candid manner opens a dialogue that gets this country to understand why we are at this point – all of this will just be at best a foot note in some grad student’s thesis’ 10yrs from now or the lining of a bird cage along with all the other blogger articles we printed out to read because we need something to do while our bacon is cooking because the news is garbage but this crazy little pockets of sanity exist because some not so lazy ass hump decided to blog about it but now the bacon is too crispy having this fo times to many……YUP

      • Slowing backing away from the stage & mic as I notice jack booted thugs sporting jackets w/some arcane govt acronym on the back storming the room yelling, “who dat dissin’ Barry!?!?!?”

  2. Quote of day – hell decade, “if you think a young black kid in America fears being killed by the police more than he fears being killed by another black kid, you’re probably standing in your student union with a clipboard” – privilegedwhiteoppressor

  3. hahahahaha……..you do know that “priviligedwhiteoppressor” and kimchi are mutually exclusive and you might lose more than some epidermal matter itching from that hay, lol? As a matter of fact, the former is a known carcinogen that plays a major role in many idiotic induced allergic reactions, dilating thought patterns and making stupidity abnormally permeable – beware!!!

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