A Brand New Cosby Show

At last count, 16 women, the most recent being former supermodel Beverly Johnson, have accused Bill Cosby of drugging and, in some cases, sexually assaulting them.

To be clear, I find Beverly Johnson’s account, as I found some of the others, to be credible.

But to be fair, I’ll let the man have his day in court. And not just because it’s easier to throw a book at him there. Oops, I meant it’s easier to throw the book at him there.

But more importantly because his comments about innuendo really piss me off. This is just one more example of rape culture. Where 16 women can make strangely similar accusations about being drugged and some even assaulted and the accused is still allowed to call those accusations innuendo, suggesting that the women are not speaking factually.

His defenders will say this is all The Man tryna take Bill Cosby down because he was on the cusp of launching a new “positive” black network. *sigh* Really? Stop playing with me…the powers that be ain’t hardly scared of no positive black programming when they already know how to control us with the programming that’s in play today. We’re not hardly sitting around waiting for positive programming – we’re too busy watching reality T.V.

We gotta thing in our community where we can’t believe bad things about our heroes.  We’re not being fair to ourselves or them.  These folks, particularly those in entertainment and maybe even politics, are as flawed as any one of us.  It is entirely possible – hell, in my view, probable – that Bill Cosby did exactly what these women are accusing him of.  Unless we can accept that…we risk victimizing these women all over again.  Just so we can continue to worship a fallen hero.

#DontRape #RapeCulture #YouAreNotEntitledToAnyonesPuddingPop #TheresACommaAfterPudding #NoMeansNo #YesUnderDuressMeansNo #HasAnyoneCheckedOnClare


2 thoughts on “A Brand New Cosby Show

  1. Been hearing about these kinds of incidents about Cosby for years now. I only wish that these testimonies had seen the light of day years sooner. To believe that powerful people like Cosby can do no wrong is to live in Fantasyland. But in this country above all others, money talks and allows scum to walk. Thanks for posting.

  2. Unfortunately neither he nor his defenders will have to face his accusers and that truly is the shame of celebrity & wealth in this country. However, it is once again a very apt lesson in why we shouldn’t put people other than our parents (maybe) on a pedestal. The most interesting take on this whole sordid issue was what 30 Rock did……5 yrs ago


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