Food For The Soul

I like trap music. And I love Dateline. Not that the two are related although I’m sure if I reach for that shit like a pack of Oreos on the top shelf, I could make the connection…

Ok, wait…Let me start over.

I like trap music. And I love Dateline. But at the start of this year, I decided to do away with them both.

And not just because I found myself doing strange things, like practicing jiggling body parts that quite frankly, at my age, jiggle on their own and not in the good way. Or side-eyeing folks that I know have dead bodies in their trunks because their FB profile picture looks like it belongs in a Dateline photo montage.

But because I am making a conscious decision to consider what I feed my soul before I sit down to a smorgasbord of pop culture madness. I once heard said that every single thing we eat is either curing or killing our bodies slowly. If the same applies to our souls, what is the impact of all of the “junk food” we expose ourselves to?

What if it’s true…what if all that shit we see on TV or social media or hear in the music we love or the people we interact with is either curing or killing our souls?.


2 thoughts on “Food For The Soul

  1. I agree with Donell…I’ve missed your witty and profound commentary. I agree wholeheartedly with your revelations. I have cut waaaay back on my consumption of things that I feel are slowly killing my soul and trying to replace with things that I feel cure it. Lately, politics has really killed a piece of me. I stay away for a while but I am drawn to politics like a moth to a light.

    I for one think it is true…all of this negative energy is slowly zapping us all away from our true purpose..LOVE.

    Stay strong!!

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