Stay Woke – The Final Frontier

Listen…we have to get real about climate change. You, me…all of us.
I still have friends throwing away plastic bottles and using paper plates because they “don’t feel like washing dishes.” We need to work with each other on this.
If we are not mindful, each one doing our part…we can all be wiped out. Dead.
Read this because Climate Change Is Real
The other day, a friend got on me about asking for a straw to sip my martini because I didn’t want to mess up my lip gloss. Yes, that really happened. I really mindlessly put my pout over the planet.
Sometimes our disregard for the environment is accidental but let’s point it out to each other. Let’s educate each other.
But more importantly, you can recycle every single thing in your life, it won’t matter if we don’t pressure companies like Amazon who sell convenience (think about all the packing material that comes in your boxes) to make major changes and lead innovation to save our planet – it won’t matter. Amazon and companies like them have put millions of tons of refuse into the environment.
Now…if I come up missing…y’all send Keith Morrison to interview Jeff Bezos.
Forget Trump and all the battles we keep losing. No planet, no politics.
We’re going to talk more about this.  I promise.

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