Run For The Border

There is a man in a wheelchair, he cannot walk.  He met another man who is pushing him the entire way.

There is a sixteen year old boy who has never been to school due to gang violence in his town, he wants an education.  He is traveling alone.

There is a woman who put her two children on a truck.  The truck pulled away as she was trying to climb on.  She lost her children.  A woman along the way noticed the children traveling without their mother and took them into her care.  She splits rations intended for her two children amongst all four.

This not a hustle.  It’s desperation.  And as horrific as it is, it must be better than the life they are leaving because…why else on earth would they do it?

That a president decides to meet this desperation with armed forces leaves me flabbergasted.  A constant truth in this administration is that privilege begets entitlement begets contempt for those who are not privileged.

Do better.


2 thoughts on “Run For The Border

  1. What is more astonishing about this event and others like this that there isn’t a bigger outcry from the people of this country….true colors are being shown of what the majority of people…..sad state of afffairs…..

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