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So, here you have it — the view from my window.

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91 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Congratulations on your new blog, Kym! You’ve always been one of the smartest, funniest people to me, and while the stand up comedy thing I kept mentioning must not be your thing, mayhap this writing will be fun for you and get your brilliance to the four corners of this big blue marble of ours!
    Looking forward to reading more…


  2. I think that you have company in the “most opinionated” person club. For you its “shut up Kym” for me its “F-U Dan”. I guess I can be a little judgemental with my opinions….LOL

  3. I will always be around to push!! That’s just what I do!! Love you and you are one of the the funniest people I know (except maybe Justin…although he’s been losing his edge with the baby carriage and all). At the end of the day, you KNOW I will always be around to laugh at your jokes. I’m so proud of you!!

  4. Finally! You’ve found YOUR calling….we’ll a piece of it. Still waiting on the talk show or comedy tour :). This is fantastic babe! Love love love love love – did I say love?! It! Keep those opinions of yours coming.

  5. Kym,

    Love the blog and the new format. You are hilarious and it is nice to have it all in one place. Plus the name is AWESOME!


  6. Everybody says “funny” and yes you make me laugh but … comedy tour? Gonna need a mop! You are the two edged sword and to me the side with the red stuff on it is WAY more important. Go 4 it. Bookmarkin you now. God bless

  7. Kym,

    Love it, I was wondering what happend to your daily dose on FB. I will keep up with your blog. Love the title very appropriate it really fits your personality. Keep up to great work of keeping your followers infomred, and laughing. 😉

  8. From the Hilltop to the Blogosphere. Love your wit and knowledge of the issues. Keep it up Kym, greater things await you.

  9. I am so proud of you Big sis!!!!!! This is so freakin hopefully I can be as successful.They’ve always told me I have your sick sense of humor and I do love me some facebook. For now I will settle for just commenting on everything you blog about. Just remember to let these jokers have it dont hold anything back censure-ing sucks! LMBAO

  10. WOW what a perfect blend of items that states who you are. I have not thought of kimchi since our apartment in Philly. Are you as strong as your grandmother yet?

  11. I LOVE the title of your blog!!!! I’m from Savannah, Ga where collard greens abound, AND I have a serious kimchi (and any other korean food) addiction LOL. I’m definitely bookmarking you girl!

  12. Well, Kym… I was told something like that when I was kid growing up also… mine was… “you talk to much” . I was actually held back a half a year in grade school because I talked to much in class… instead of directing all that talking energy into something positive for me as a kid… I was held back! … but I am glad I was like that in the end.. cause I still talk to much… but now I have something to say (I think) … that has significance and value, as a senior member in society now. I also have a three wordpress websites… one for Jazz, History & Obama. I’ll leave you the links. … Glad to be your friend Kym.

  13. Would it be too nerdy to include a brief definition of kimchi, its alternate spellings, and mention that you are half Korean and half African-American, and that this background inspired the title? Mayhap you could also mention other similar titles of works by interracial/inter-cultural folks out there in the media, like Rain Pryor’s award-winning show “Fried Chicken & Latkes” (half African-American & half Jewish), for example? Mayhap you prefer to be mysterious, and whatever your style is, you will have your fans and your naysayers, so it’s all good 🙂 But I just am all about information and noticed there’s no mention of what kimchi is. Not everyone is as worldly as thyself 🙂

  14. OK but in my petty, parochial British way, I need to know where you are! I have to have my antennae properly aligned otherwise I get confused and disorientated.

    Where are you provoking me from?

  15. Kym,
    Miss Sunshine, how in the heck are you? Guess where my maternal DNA originated? Yes, you were right about my possible Asian DNA and guess what NONE of my maternal lineage was Africa but Asia. We are more connected than Spanks. Miss you my friend/sista and all around drinking partna.

  16. Sunshine, we are here watching “Michael Jackson This Is It” scene “I Cant Stop Loving You” and I am just taken aback at his greatness. Last year , I actually attended the memorial at the Staples Center I still mourn this loss. Wow 1 year of him moving on to Glory….
    Besos from Buttercup

  17. Shut up, Kym – I love your blog and Twi… Oh… Wait… That’s not your real name? Lol but seriously. Thank you for the chance to read your thoughts and for the comfort and reassurance you give that people who think on a tangent and who’s creativity screams volumes with an ‘odd sound’ are still people too and just as much appreciated 🙂

  18. Dang, Kym…I thought after your “fireworks” hair creation…you were inspired to take that other job. It would have offered ALOT of tips and gave you upper body strength due to all the work on the pole. …But if you want to show your God-given intelligence, compassion, wit, charm and beauty…I guess …I will support you. 😉 Congratulations on doin’ your thang!

  19. Ok, I only came by your page because Julie Tanen a friend of mine “liked” your page, and it popped up on my fb page. So I went to see what she was “liking” – (because I don’t do a whole lot of fb page likes). Then I thought…hmmm she’s cute, so I then I “liked” your page too. Then I started reading, laughing, agreeing and disagreeing. I said to myself, ‘WoW ‘so these are her thoughts! Ok, ok, ok. But I kept reading and I must say it’s was worth ‘liking’ as well as ‘stopping’ by. You definitely have the gift of honest expression.

  20. Everyone that I’ve shared this article with has shed a tear. Thank you for putting into words the truth that makes us take hard looks at ourselves.

  21. I literally just found out about your years old blog 15 min ago and I feel so deprived!
    Ok, leave me alone now….I need to catch up on your work!

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